Friday, August 9, 2013

Daily outfit-casual Friday.

Not everyone can afford high end designer labels, fortunately for mass production it's easy too be on trend and on a budget or even mix and match for your own take on things. 

Today I wore: 
Striped body con T-shirt dress by envious; maxi skirt from best and less; knitted snood from cotton on; pleather biker jacket from some market stall; 
studded ballet flats from target with my oversized studded handbag from cotton on.

I call it boho biker chic, or just comfey. 

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde

Hello to all my fashionistas, 

And welcome back to another fabulous Friday! I've been thinking, what actually constitutes fashion and what makes a fashionista, and if you think the answer is obviously 'fashion is clothing shoes and accessories and a fashionista is someone who is always on trend and rocking the latest from the run way' well yeah in terms of the socially accepted definition you are right fashion is clothing, shoes and accessories and a fashionista is always dressed in the latest. However to me fashion is about more than just clothing. It's about how they make you feel, they are an expression of self and a form of art, a fashionista is someone who pushes the boundaries and expresses them selves through their own sense of style and using clothing to complete the living, breathing art form that they want to create. So there's something to think about.

Things that gave me my sparkle this week:
New products at work, Thursdays are like Christmas in there, just with more styrofoam. White tea with rose, it's delicious, nutritious, smells divine and tastes great. Today I wore a maxi skirt for the first time in a long time, I felt so fantastic. Blogging in my polka dot onsie, can anybody say toastie?! Chicken and chorizo paella. Garlic, oh how I love garlic I use it a lot in cooking one because it makes everything taste good and two because its is excellent at alleviating the symptoms of cold and flue and fighting them, best herb ever. Did you know that a sultana is a dried white grape where as a raisin is a smaller red grape, either way I don't like them but I found it interesting. Afternoon naps with my kitten. Reading fashion mags equates to studying, I love my homework. Having a supportive boyfriend. Having a creative explosion, hello designs for spring/summer 2013.

Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm no different to any other wanna be fashion designer infact I'm probably exactly the same as the rest of you, I just do it a little differently.

Okay so welcome back to another fabulous Friday, which to be honest with you is not being spent all that fabulously at all. I'm coming to you live from the Sydney to lithgow train.... Long story don't ask but I don't have enough fuel to drive. 
However I've had an epiphany, I am no different to any other wanna be fashion designer, we all have these big ideas of how to change the face of fashion, but lets face it everything has been done, it's all just a re interpretation of something that exists, and even if you could change things it would take a lot of money for marketing and a hell of a lot of influential pull. I'm a neither here nor there person, I am not completely out there nor am I a plain Jane, I am that person that seems average or reserved until I open my mouth, yes that is me. The only way i am different to the rest is i do things differently to achieve the same outcome. Okay senseless epiphany done for the week, it makes sense to me okay.

Over the past two weeks I have had a fabulous time, between my birthday presents and visits from some of the bestest friends a girl could ask for, I am full of sparkle and ready too rock and roll.

Having a fantastic boyfriend who know me to well. Motherduck made me a birthday cake it was delicious. that painful burn of progress squats give you. snuggles with pandora. Lunch time cocktail jugs with stez. Playing pool at the pub with my sister. Plotting and scheming my decor with Motherduck, she is a truely handy person to have as a mother you should all check out her blog she i faaaaaabulous! , vamoose get on it people! Cooking roast dinners for Tom, he just appreciates it so much, and I got a French oven for my birthday that I needed to use. Punk goes pop, because I like listening to bad pop songs made into slightly better or worse in some case punk songs. Spotted onsie, if I find my onsie dance photo I will post it.

So ladies and jelly beans what's made your week? 

Ps does anyone have a pen I forgot mine and its really hard to write notes without one.

Love and Butterfly kisses too all,

Friday, July 26, 2013

And she lived happily ever after

Tab daaaa! I'm back, after a disagreement with my blog I have returned and will do a recap of the things that are absolutely fabulous for the last couple of weeks. So lets start from the top shall we.

The food court in china town, you go down these stairs into what looks like a dingy little food court but the food is ah-mah-zing! And really cheap. Dinner dates with my little brother in the city. Cold rock icecream, need I say more? Edamame, or soy beans if you like, they're lean green full of protein and so so delicious. Early morning work outs with Tom, because I have a super supportive boyfriend. Visits from the little sister. Hair extensions, it's amazing how much difference the length of your hair can make, I feel so feminine now it's fantastic. The cleaner man at the shopping centre that believes in karma, good deeds and helping a lady, he proved that chivalry is definitely not dead and that doing good things for people still makes you feel good, I think every one should do good deeds. Staff meetings, our staff meetings are amazing, we get blankies! 

Yeah I think that's it, as of next week I will be 20 and have lots of fabulous things to post about, like prezzies friends and visits. Oh and photos, lots of photos.

Hugs and squishes,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

 Body image, the one thing everyone cares about and has issues with in some way shape or form. Some people are crippled by low self esteem, hate their bodies and fear public opinion, others are over the moon, have self esteem coming out of there arses and love the attention wether it be good or bad. On a day to day basis we are bombarded with images of the perfect body, taught, toned, flat stomach, tight butt and perky boobs. The majority of the female population of Australia does not look like that, in fact the average Aussie woman is a size 14. The thing that makes it even worse is there are no standard sizing laws in Australia and any form of standard sizing template is dated back to post depression...... And that's recent. So sometimes I go into a shop and try on jeans il be a 10 and in the next shop il be a 14, then il be a 12. 
The fact of the matter is I don't want to be size 8 and model material all I want is to feel comfortable in my own skin, to wear a bikini without worry about my stomach wobble or my love handles and to go into multiple shops and be relativly the same jean size. Because to be honest with you I can't have sex with any form of light because I'm afraid of my own fat rolls, I'd rather keep my shirt on thanks (p.s sorry if you read that mum) although my partner tells me I'm beautiful and perfect the way I am and that he loves my squishy belly I don't ! So last night whilst in the shower, where I do my best thinking, I decided things need to change. With the support of my brilliant boyfriend I am going to do the 30 day ab and squat challenges, conquer my fear of breakfast and quit smoking. Not because I want to look like the girls in the magazines but because I want too feel comfortable in my own body. I don't want too see my size fluctuate, and I can't change or enforce sizing standards not right now anyway, so I am going to change me. For those who know me well and know I have never stuck to any form of fitness or health program of any kind, except for walking daily I still do that.  I will stick to it this time I need to, for my self esteem and my health. Here's to breakfast I will make you my bitch! 

If you have and suggestions please don't hesitate I need all the help I can get, also if you are wanting to follow my pictorial life follow me on Instagram @specsandcameralenses. 

Ttfn, tata for now

Friday, June 21, 2013

" sometimes people who sound insane are the ones that make the most sense"

I have had one hell of a week this week, and my insane cleaning spree is starting to take over, in my stressed out mess of a head. Probably the brightest and best moment of my week was the half hour I spent on the phone to a lovely lady who I will call Deb, this woman is fantastic, she most deffinatly put my sparkle right back, all she was wondering about was a basin that she hadn't collected because she's been undergoing treatment for cancer and somehow we got completely off topic, mostly because I said she sounded very well, but it ended up being about dreams and how the only person you can be is you because there is no point being anyone else, she also said that when she is well enough to walk on her own she wants to come and meet me and wants to see my designs. Deb may have stopped me from going home for that extra half hour but she reminded me of my grandmothers, a lot! This woman is so strong from what I've heared, and I admire that, she's staying positive in the face of complete negativity, I have nothing to complain about.

Fabulous Fridays.

Deb, unloading and receiving a truck load of furniture and looking fabulous doing it, the Mickey Mouse spot on my cats butt, receiving parcels with cookbooks and notes from gran, visits from my sister, catch up drinks with a good friend I haven't seen in forever, my very versitile sequinned LBD, ugg boots oh ugg boots,  random people telling me I have sparkle .......I like that, silver linings play book I love that movie, finding my sisters selfies on my phone, quote posts from Motherduck on Facebook.

Goodnight lovelies and have a fabulous weekend. Also look up shave guinea pigs they look like mini hippos.

Hugs and squishes


Friday, June 14, 2013

Fabulous Fridays

In an effort to beat my stress and pick myself up this week and every week here on out I am going too write a gratitude list  and publish it every Friday and yes I will stick too it! My favourite blogger inspired me to do it, and she's right it really does put things in perspective, although I've had the worst week ever in the history of worst weeks the good still out weighs they bad when it's all written down.

So welcome to my Fabulous Fridays.

Candle lit bubble baths, my daily dose of gala darling ( read now!, electric blankets, picture message exchanges with my sister, getting welcomed home with cuddles, bird cage chandeliers at work, phone calls with both my grand mothers, colour coded study notes especially pink,

And most of all Tom, because no matter what he makes me smile like a naughty child with chocolate. 

Speaking of which I want chocolate. 

Signing off from my bubble fort,