Friday, June 15, 2012

Always remember that the future comes one day at a time. -Dean Acheson

So I think its time for a photo a day for a year, that means 365 photos from when ever you decide too start. Rather than have a set theme for a week or day i think we should have an all over theme, the point of this challenge is not too adhere too the inspirational word of the day but too show the things you love, the things that make you happy, significant moments or events, the people in your life and the overall daily transition of your life over a year. So...the rules:
~ it must be something that is good, because we don't want too dwell on the bad
~you must upload at least one picture a day with The day the date and a caption (that's the challenge)
~be creative use what ever you want too take the photo, post where ever you like and have fun.

I will be posting my daily activities on instagram and facebook so if your not already following me its 'Geordiefattiipeacock' and comment with a link of where you are posting so i can check it out.

Happy Photography People xo

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

7.“Lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at you.” -David Brinkley

Have you ever wondered what people think about themselves and their lives, instead of what they think about you and your life? Have you ever actually sat in a room and looked around at people, and thought, who do they think they are and where do they think they are going, are they satisfied with who they are?

I have recently realised that people get as bored with being them as i do with being me, there are so many people in the world that try to change who they are and what they do to make improvements and basically unbored themselves, people move house, move countries, change there hair, the way they do their make up and some change their name. Yes i said it change their name, easier said than done right? wrong, i know a woman, who is not necessarily bored with her life or even unsatisfied, its more of a form of amusement. Of all the funny and very useful things mother duck has taught me this has to be one of the best. The aim of the game is to be someone else for as long as it takes to order and receive your coffee, every time she orders a coffee at Gloria jeans she changes her name, sometimes shes 'Lizzy' or 'Magda', she can be 'Tiffany' or 'Jean', the only thing is you have to remember who you are for that particular amount of time, sounds easy right? WRONG it's all over when you forget who you are.

In a sense the game sort of, when you twist it, is a close reference too reality, the game is over if you forget your name and you never get your coffee, or you wait around for what seems like an age trying too figure out who the hell "insert name here" is and why have they not picked up their coffee that happens too be the same as what you ordered, same goes in life, if you forget who you are  you wait around for things too happen that realistically wont happen because you either aren't responding when your proverbial name is called, your not chasing up what you want too receive or you just plain forgot what you wanted in the first place. Scarey right? well unfortunately we all do it..ALL of us. Whether is be for a job, a partner (friends or otherwise), to start a family, to have a holiday, end a toxic friendship or even buy that cute pair of shoes in the vintage shop that were there last week..but aren't today. Most people will wait around for when the time is right too start achieving a goal or to obtain something but in the process they change, buy or rid themselves of things that aren't necessarily what need changing, but are what happens too be socially acceptable too change.
For example, and this is a little personal by the way, i want someone to be there a boyfriend if you like and i am currently chasing a really cute guy who i know my parents will love, hes a tradie, hes got money hes driven and down too earth, now he pays me abit of attention but more too my best friend, however the reason i want too be with someone is, and i realised this after iv read this draft a million times, i have a male friend from tafe and hes a really nice guy he inspires me too be creative, we have very similar interests, he treats me how i wish too be treated, but in the running of boyfriend or partner i haven't given him the time of day because hes not what seems to be acceptable as boyfriend material. So I'm guilty as charged i want too change something that i want too change but I'm automatically making that change too whats 'acceptable' but not necessarily right for me. Understand? are you confused yet?

So in summation I myself, and the majority, if not all people change themselves too suit others and convince themselves that it's really them, we forget who we really are it's like the coffee game, forget who you are and you miss out on that sweet sweet caffeine or what ever it was you wante din the first place.

p.s Mum do you still play the coffee game?