Friday, January 21, 2011

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” - Maria Robinson

Since this is a blog about the things i like and do etc. etc i thought id share with you the things that inspire me or i just plain adore : )

Quotes. about anything and everything i love too google quotes, some are quite insightful and others are just plain funny, some i don't get till the next day:
My favorite web site for quotes is:
I get lots of my quotes off this.

Tattoos. Much too my mothers disdain, i adore tattoos, but not ugly meaning less ones or stupid ones of cartoon characters and naked women, the tattoos i like are the artistic ones that are on ones body for a purpose, too show something that is meaningful too them as a person.
They can be symbolic of a system of belief's, or of something that has impacted on ones life.

Black and White photography. I really like how black and white photography captures light, shade, line and texture in its most pure form. It reminds me that even the most complicated things can still be simple and beautiful.

Piercings. Much the same as tattoos i don't think mum would agree but i still like them. They're an age old practice of symbolism and although i don't know the symbolic meaning of may piercings, i like how they look different on everyone and there are some many ways a piercing can be done .
image from:

Camera's. Simply because they capture the moment, and preserve memories.

 Black nail polish. I like my fake nails tipped black because it makes me feel less prim and proper, because that just doesn't suit me. And i just love black nails because they add edge too any outfit.

Rainy days. There's something very soothing and invigoration about the smell of rain and the way rain just cleanses the land, like natures taking a shower. I really like showers too. Plus where there's rain there's puddles and who doesn't love those.

Toaster Waffles. My new favourite breakfast food. They are simply amazing with caramel topping and banana. They also go alright with nutella. And only 30 seconds too cook whats not too love : )

There are so many more things i like but i think it will have too wait, no use exposing everything.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random thoughts no.2

image from:
Love is a stupidly defined emotion, simply because older people always say that you don't know what it is while you're young, so does that mean that whilst I'm still classified as/believe i am young, i don't know what love is. However we are also told while we're young that we will always love our family.. E.g " I know you had a fight, but you guys are sisters you will always love each other".
See this is why I'm confused, we are forever being told that we don't know what love is, but we will always love our family. So theoretically, we can love someone and not even notice. yes?
See now that makes no sense too me what so ever, but then again it doesn't need too make sense too be logical, like physics, i don't get it but apparently it works.

So here is my theory of love (so far):
it makes you happy
it makes you sad
you frequently fight with the other half
you frequently defend the other half
you share an unspoken bond (of some description)
there is always food of some variety involved at some point
common interests (yes they are important)
late nights ( doing anything and nothing)

Basically i just wrote down the relationship i have with my sister, if i could share all this with a boy i would be happy, really happy in fact.
True love is exclusive too those that are family, or close too it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” - Aaron Siskind

I have an obsession with black and white photography, i even have a wall in my room with black and white photos on it and one day i will fill it and start on a bigger wall : )

These are just some of my black and white photos, some are recent and some are old.

I love how black and white photography captures lines through shade and light, without the distraction of colour. I think it captures so much more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just some photographs of the places I go

Yesterday Mother duck, Bubba, the littlest brother and myself went for a drive out too Paterson and Morpeth, just too take photos and have a picnic for dinner.

These are just some of my photos, i took almost 200 ( i have a habit of taking photos of random things)

I hope you like them : )

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Favourite Artist

This is the first post about one of my Favourite artists, this list will include:
Artists in general
Tattoo Artists

Gin Wigmore:  Newzealand born, Sydney based, singer/song writer.
                          Alternative/Folk Rock/Pop

I first heared her music on christmas eve last year with my step mother in an indipendant music store in bathurst, whilst searching for an apropriate CD to listen too on christmas day with the Grandparents and great aunts.

My firts impression was "yay just another folk singer" but when i listend a little more carefully her lyrics appealed too my personality (wow thats just a lil' corney) and her husky/smoky voice was so unique i simply couldnt stop listening. Her look reminds me of a late 60's early 70's muse.
This here is just my personal oppinion.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random thoughts no.1

I hate the fact that you hear or see something that reminds you of someone you once loved and then 10 minutes later you see or hear something that reminds you why you broke up in the first place, and no natter how much you try too get tham out of you head, you never seem too be able too. Yet you dont want the tough of them too leave you, just because you remember how good you felt for those couple of months.

Lust and love have too be the most painful emotions a teen girl can experiance, because it is so easy to be convinced your inlove, or that he loves you, and even easier too fall in lust. And when its all coming to an end, you feel the cracks begining to form in your relationship and the fade begins, you no longer know who you are, because it feels like you're loosing a massive chunk of yourself.
The one thing i learnt from my close study of text in english was a statement from a character in a mental assylum.
"Hate is a much more pure emotion, strictly because we choose our enimies with much more care than our lovers" Cosi-By Louis Nowra.
The reason i remember this statment so well is because i can relate, its true, especially in regards too teenage girls. We love everybody and genuinly hate very few, and we wonder why we are hurt so easily.

We have no care for the real consiquences, we just want too feel that high of lust, the cloud 9 effect. Once it fades and just as we've convinced ourselves that we dont need a boy too feel good, another one comes along and sweeps us off our feet, and so the cycle continues.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

meet my favorites

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best, really when you think about it you dont need all the material stuff, like laptops, phones and ipods, although thgey are pretty handy these days.
To me the best things in the world are my friends and family, and over the past couple of days i have spent alot of time with them, just chilling out and having fun at the beach and at home having a few laughs. So i just thought i'd introduce you too the most important people in my life cause they will be frequently included in this narration of my life.

my beutiful littlest sister bubba

The littlest brother

My beautiful and inspirational mother Mother Duck

The Three on my left are my amazing sisters (the blond is my biological sister)

My bestest budds Lolo and Renna
Plus more but i cant find a decent current photo, but there are more, oh there are so many more, because i am fortunate enough too share my life with a large group of amazing crazy people.

Just step back and think, is it one pesron you can't live without or is it that group that makes life so much more interesting?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why Hello Twenty Eleven

FINALLY 2011 has arrived and i am so psyched to see what the rest of it holds for myself, my friends and my family, because in the past few days i have had an amazing time with both parties.

So far i had a bangin time at a party with some of my favourites, made new friends, watched Disney movies with my lovely best effs, beached it with the best effs and the family, took some awesome pictures of boats with mother duck and the Auntie. Yes, 2011 you have a bright future.
Also i added some more things too my too do list, with the help of my best effs.

Here are my additives:
- Drink more water
- Eat healthier
- Learn too surf
- Go see Disturbed live

Yes yes 2011 looks like a pretty good year, and although I'll be turning 18 in seven months and 22 days, I'm still not planning on completely growing  up anytime soon.

Random Question: Whats your best hang over cure?