Friday, June 21, 2013

" sometimes people who sound insane are the ones that make the most sense"

I have had one hell of a week this week, and my insane cleaning spree is starting to take over, in my stressed out mess of a head. Probably the brightest and best moment of my week was the half hour I spent on the phone to a lovely lady who I will call Deb, this woman is fantastic, she most deffinatly put my sparkle right back, all she was wondering about was a basin that she hadn't collected because she's been undergoing treatment for cancer and somehow we got completely off topic, mostly because I said she sounded very well, but it ended up being about dreams and how the only person you can be is you because there is no point being anyone else, she also said that when she is well enough to walk on her own she wants to come and meet me and wants to see my designs. Deb may have stopped me from going home for that extra half hour but she reminded me of my grandmothers, a lot! This woman is so strong from what I've heared, and I admire that, she's staying positive in the face of complete negativity, I have nothing to complain about.

Fabulous Fridays.

Deb, unloading and receiving a truck load of furniture and looking fabulous doing it, the Mickey Mouse spot on my cats butt, receiving parcels with cookbooks and notes from gran, visits from my sister, catch up drinks with a good friend I haven't seen in forever, my very versitile sequinned LBD, ugg boots oh ugg boots,  random people telling me I have sparkle .......I like that, silver linings play book I love that movie, finding my sisters selfies on my phone, quote posts from Motherduck on Facebook.

Goodnight lovelies and have a fabulous weekend. Also look up shave guinea pigs they look like mini hippos.

Hugs and squishes


Friday, June 14, 2013

Fabulous Fridays

In an effort to beat my stress and pick myself up this week and every week here on out I am going too write a gratitude list  and publish it every Friday and yes I will stick too it! My favourite blogger inspired me to do it, and she's right it really does put things in perspective, although I've had the worst week ever in the history of worst weeks the good still out weighs they bad when it's all written down.

So welcome to my Fabulous Fridays.

Candle lit bubble baths, my daily dose of gala darling ( read now!, electric blankets, picture message exchanges with my sister, getting welcomed home with cuddles, bird cage chandeliers at work, phone calls with both my grand mothers, colour coded study notes especially pink,

And most of all Tom, because no matter what he makes me smile like a naughty child with chocolate. 

Speaking of which I want chocolate. 

Signing off from my bubble fort,