Monday, December 27, 2010

what does the New Year being?

Every year along with the body of society i attempt (in a vain hope of sticking too a pre-planned action) to make a new years resolution that could be potentially life changing Eg:
-Lose weight
-study harder
-work harder
-make a new friend
-commit to posting a blog regularly. ie. everyday
-visit a foreign country

and as 2010 draws closer to its abrupt end i have realised, resolutions are just not for me, i seriously don't think i have the patience or the perseverance too stick too any of the above. Which makes me wonder, why does everybody commit too resolutions that are unavoidable, unnecessary, or just plain unachievable in the space of that current new year. I mean obviously all of the above could be quite do able but truthfully i need too study harder, work harder and probably lose wight, I'm going too make new friends as i do that quite regularly and I'm not going to Europe any time soon...even though it would be cool.
I think we make resolutions in an attempt to say "i will better myself in some way this year by..-insert resolution here-.." and there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm guessing that 8 out of 10 people don't stick too their resolution for more than a month, because they go at it like a bull at a gate and either get bored or make it too hard for themselves, just like i do.
This year, as in 2011 I'm thinking i will make a too do list of things i would like too achieve in 2011 and cross off as many as i can, and if i don't complete some I'll just carry them through too the next year, if i still feel i would like too pursue that achievement.

So without further a due i present.
 My To Do List For 2011:
-Get my P's (provisional license)
- Finish my HSC
-Work on my photography
-Go on adventures and explore
-Get my first tattoo
-Continue my piercing collection

Too me that isn't so bad, i don't feel as if i have too get in straight away and go nuts with it, i can be casual and take my time, after all i have an entire year and there's only six things on the far.
I'll keep you posted.
What would be on your to do list for the big New Year?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas and the festive season..

Christmas: a holiday generally celebrated on the 25th of December too commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity.

For my friends and family, Christmas is a very social occasion, a chance to catch up and celebrate each others company, a time where we all indulge in the material and spiritual joys in life. This week being Christmas week, today being Christmas eve, the festivities have begun rolling in, presents have been exchanged, lights have been looked at, trees put up, tables decorated and munchies prepared. None of this really relates too religion, but really to alot of people Christmas has lost its religious meaning.
Having come from a split family, one side being non-religious and the other side being quite heavily religious, i get too see the contrast between both concepts, its funny to think that this holiday was reserved to celebrate the birth of a divinity, and traditionally it is celebrated as just that, however as i have grown up i have noticed that Christmas is a commercial holiday where we are encouraged to buy and sell, to consume what mass media has created for us, im not complaining, im not religious myself, but i still understand the traditional concept, and occasionaly if im at father dearests for the festivities I attend the christmas eve mass, too in some way semi-honor the traditional beleifs of my family, and to honor the work of the big G ( I dont know if god is male or female, it's debateable though).
Too me Christmas comes but once a year, it is a celebration of life and family, it is a time of giving and recognition.
Two Questions:
What does Christmas mean too you?
Is God male or Female? State your reasons ( i feel a debate commin on )