Friday, July 26, 2013

And she lived happily ever after

Tab daaaa! I'm back, after a disagreement with my blog I have returned and will do a recap of the things that are absolutely fabulous for the last couple of weeks. So lets start from the top shall we.

The food court in china town, you go down these stairs into what looks like a dingy little food court but the food is ah-mah-zing! And really cheap. Dinner dates with my little brother in the city. Cold rock icecream, need I say more? Edamame, or soy beans if you like, they're lean green full of protein and so so delicious. Early morning work outs with Tom, because I have a super supportive boyfriend. Visits from the little sister. Hair extensions, it's amazing how much difference the length of your hair can make, I feel so feminine now it's fantastic. The cleaner man at the shopping centre that believes in karma, good deeds and helping a lady, he proved that chivalry is definitely not dead and that doing good things for people still makes you feel good, I think every one should do good deeds. Staff meetings, our staff meetings are amazing, we get blankies! 

Yeah I think that's it, as of next week I will be 20 and have lots of fabulous things to post about, like prezzies friends and visits. Oh and photos, lots of photos.

Hugs and squishes,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

 Body image, the one thing everyone cares about and has issues with in some way shape or form. Some people are crippled by low self esteem, hate their bodies and fear public opinion, others are over the moon, have self esteem coming out of there arses and love the attention wether it be good or bad. On a day to day basis we are bombarded with images of the perfect body, taught, toned, flat stomach, tight butt and perky boobs. The majority of the female population of Australia does not look like that, in fact the average Aussie woman is a size 14. The thing that makes it even worse is there are no standard sizing laws in Australia and any form of standard sizing template is dated back to post depression...... And that's recent. So sometimes I go into a shop and try on jeans il be a 10 and in the next shop il be a 14, then il be a 12. 
The fact of the matter is I don't want to be size 8 and model material all I want is to feel comfortable in my own skin, to wear a bikini without worry about my stomach wobble or my love handles and to go into multiple shops and be relativly the same jean size. Because to be honest with you I can't have sex with any form of light because I'm afraid of my own fat rolls, I'd rather keep my shirt on thanks (p.s sorry if you read that mum) although my partner tells me I'm beautiful and perfect the way I am and that he loves my squishy belly I don't ! So last night whilst in the shower, where I do my best thinking, I decided things need to change. With the support of my brilliant boyfriend I am going to do the 30 day ab and squat challenges, conquer my fear of breakfast and quit smoking. Not because I want to look like the girls in the magazines but because I want too feel comfortable in my own body. I don't want too see my size fluctuate, and I can't change or enforce sizing standards not right now anyway, so I am going to change me. For those who know me well and know I have never stuck to any form of fitness or health program of any kind, except for walking daily I still do that.  I will stick to it this time I need to, for my self esteem and my health. Here's to breakfast I will make you my bitch! 

If you have and suggestions please don't hesitate I need all the help I can get, also if you are wanting to follow my pictorial life follow me on Instagram @specsandcameralenses. 

Ttfn, tata for now