Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm no different to any other wanna be fashion designer infact I'm probably exactly the same as the rest of you, I just do it a little differently.

Okay so welcome back to another fabulous Friday, which to be honest with you is not being spent all that fabulously at all. I'm coming to you live from the Sydney to lithgow train.... Long story don't ask but I don't have enough fuel to drive. 
However I've had an epiphany, I am no different to any other wanna be fashion designer, we all have these big ideas of how to change the face of fashion, but lets face it everything has been done, it's all just a re interpretation of something that exists, and even if you could change things it would take a lot of money for marketing and a hell of a lot of influential pull. I'm a neither here nor there person, I am not completely out there nor am I a plain Jane, I am that person that seems average or reserved until I open my mouth, yes that is me. The only way i am different to the rest is i do things differently to achieve the same outcome. Okay senseless epiphany done for the week, it makes sense to me okay.

Over the past two weeks I have had a fabulous time, between my birthday presents and visits from some of the bestest friends a girl could ask for, I am full of sparkle and ready too rock and roll.

Having a fantastic boyfriend who know me to well. Motherduck made me a birthday cake it was delicious. that painful burn of progress squats give you. snuggles with pandora. Lunch time cocktail jugs with stez. Playing pool at the pub with my sister. Plotting and scheming my decor with Motherduck, she is a truely handy person to have as a mother you should all check out her blog she i faaaaaabulous! , vamoose get on it people! Cooking roast dinners for Tom, he just appreciates it so much, and I got a French oven for my birthday that I needed to use. Punk goes pop, because I like listening to bad pop songs made into slightly better or worse in some case punk songs. Spotted onsie, if I find my onsie dance photo I will post it.

So ladies and jelly beans what's made your week? 

Ps does anyone have a pen I forgot mine and its really hard to write notes without one.

Love and Butterfly kisses too all,

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  1. Please tell me what a French Oven is....??? lol